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Technology and structure of resistance

Issuing time:2021-03-10 15:36

Fixed resistance, as its name implies, means that the resistance value is fixed and unchangeable. Most of the time, the resistance we use is a fixed value. It can be roughly reclassified according to different packages

Axial led resistor (axial led resistor)

Axis lead resistance is usually cylindrical, and the two external electrodes are axial leads at both ends of the cylinder, which can be further divided into several types according to different materials and processes.

Wire Wound Resistor (wire wound resistor)

Winding resistance is to win nickel-chromium alloy wire on alumina ceramic substrate, and control the resistance value one by one. Winding resistors can be made into precision resistors with a tolerance of 0.005% and a very low temperature coefficient. The disadvantage is that the parasitic inductance of winding resistors is relatively large and cannot be used in high frequency. The volume of the winding resistor can be made very large, and then an external radiator can be added to be used as a high-power resistor.

Carbon Composition Resistor (carbon composition resistor)

Carbon synthetic resistor is a cylindrical resistor sintered by carbon powder and adhesive, in which the concentration of carbon powder determines the resistance value. Tin-plated copper leads are added at both ends, and finally packaged and molded. Carbon synthesis resistor has simple process and easily available raw materials, so the price is the cheapest. However, the performance of carbon synthetic resistor is not very good, the tolerance is relatively large (that is, precision resistor cannot be made), the temperature characteristic is not good, and usually the noise is relatively large. Carbon synthetic resistor has good withstand voltage performance, because its interior can be regarded as a carbon rod, it can hardly be broken down and burned.

Carbon Film Resistor (carbon film resistor)

Carbon film resistance is mainly to form a layer of carbon mixture film on ceramic rod, for example, directly coating a layer, and the thickness of carbon film and the concentration of carbon in it can control the resistance; In order to control the resistance more accurately, spiral grooves can be machined on the carbon film, and the more spiral, the greater the resistance; Finally, metal leads are added, and resin is encapsulated and molded. The process of carbon film resistor is a little more complicated, and it can be used as precision resistor. However, due to carbon, the temperature characteristics are not very good.

Metal Film Resistor (metal film resistor)

Similar to the structure of carbon film resistor, metal film resistor mainly uses vacuum deposition technology to form a nickel-chromium alloy coating on ceramic rods, and then processes spiral grooves on the coating to accurately control the resistance. Metal film resistor can be said to be a resistor with good performance and high precision. It can be made into E192 series, and then has good temperature characteristics, low noise and more stability.

Metal Oxide Film Resistor (metal oxide film resistor)

Similar to the metal film resistance structure, the metal oxide film mainly forms a tin oxide film on the ceramic rod. In order to increase the resistance, an antimony oxide film can be added on the tin oxide film, and then spiral grooves can be machined on the oxide film to accurately control the resistance. The greatest advantage of metal oxide film resistance is its high temperature resistance.

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