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Great analysis of comprehensive knowledge of resistor

Issuing time:2021-03-10 15:40

1.1 the meaning of resistor: the part in the circuit that blocks the current and causes energy consumption is called resistor.

1.2 English abbreviation of resistor: R(Resistor) and exclusion RN

1.3 resistor in circuit symbol: r or WWW

1.4 common units of resistors: kiloohms (kω) and megaohms (mω)

1.5 unit conversion of resistor: 1mohm = 103kohm = 106ohm

1.6 characteristics of resistor: the resistor is a linear element, that is, the voltage at both ends of the resistor is proportional to the current flowing through the resistor, and the current intensity passing through this conductor is inversely proportional to the resistance of this conductor. That is ohm's law: I=U/R .. table

1.7 The functions of resistors are shunt, current limit, voltage division, bias, filtering (combined with capacitors) and impedance matching.

1.8 resistors are represented by "r" plus numbers in the circuit, for example, R15 represents the resistor numbered 15.

1.9 There are three methods for labeling the parameters of resistors in circuits, namely, direct labeling method, color labeling method and number labeling method.

A, the direct standard method is to mark the nominal value of the resistor directly on the resistor body with numbers and text symbols, and the allowable deviation is expressed as a percentage, and the value without standard deviation is 20%.

B. The digital marking method is mainly used for small-volume circuits such as patches. Among the three numbers, the first one is from left to right, the second digit represents the effective number, and the third digit represents the power of 10 or R (R represents 0.) For example, 472 represents 47×102Ω (i.e., 4.7 K Ω); 104 means 100KΩ,; R22 represents 0.22ω, 122 = 1200ω = 1.2kω, 1402 = 1400ω = 14kω, R22=0.22Ω, 50c = 324 * 100 = 32.4kω, 17R8=17.8Ω, 000 = 0 ω, 0 = 0 ω.

C. Color ring labeling method is most used. Ordinary color ring resistors are represented by 4 rings, precision resistors by 5 rings, the color ring close to one end of the resistor is the first ring, and the other end with more natural color of the resistor is the last ring. Now, for example, if the color ring resistor is represented by 4 rings, the first two digits are valid digits, the third digit is a power of 10, and the fourth ring is the error range of the color ring resistor.

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